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5 Reasons to Include Professional Photography in your Online Presence / Social Media Marketing

1. Content with an image attached gets more clicks

2. Photographs convey information immediately

3. Photographs connect emotionally to your clients

4. Better Photography has a bigger impact

5. Personalized imagery adds to your branding

What kind of images do you need to improve your social media marketing?


If you provide a service, you want potential clients to connect to the people in your company. You want to be seen working with others and doing your job competently. If you are selling a cause, you want people to connect emotionally to your work by seeing those affected or to see others like them involved in some way. High quality imagery should be a given for your website because this is the place where you are judged as trustworthy, competent, detail oriented, or likeable. All the high quality text in the world will not gain this emotional response. For social media campaigns, photographs should be integrated into your content marketing because it is not only an easy way to post content often, but it improves your visibility as a whole.