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Lettuce: From Field to Photo - A Marketing Campaign


Tecolote is a small family farm in Austin, TX that has been growing organic produce for over 20 years. As part of their marketing efforts this season, they decided to update their website and more actively engage their customers on the various social media platforms. Understanding how important it is to their business to show the quality of their produce and the commitment of their employees, they partnered with us to document their work and supply them with compelling images that tell their story.

As a result, we have visited the farm periodically in order to capture the changing landscape of the fields, the beautiful fresh vegetables, and the amazing people who grow them. The steady stream of high quality photographs is gradually transforming their marketing materials and bringing the same sense of high quality to the website, brochures, newsletters and social media posts as the fresh organic produce they grow.

To see more, visit the album with sample work from the Tecolote Farm marketing campaign.

Keeshi Ingram is the founder and principal photographer at Adaptive Camera, an Austin, TX based studio offering location and assignment photography services for companies and nonprofits. Her work is often used for marketing, PR, fundraising and social media. To learn more about Adaptive Camera, please visit our website @, see Keeshi’s portfolio @, or follow her on Instagram.