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Play is a universal activity that binds us across cultures. It reminds us that those other people over there are actually a lot like us. As a photographer, I’ve discovered that it is exactly the act of play that makes photographing children so fascinating. For them, there is seriousness in the act that is as potent as any human subject can be. It is both work and leisure together and can contain the full spectrum of human emotion. For children, it is a chance to explore and discover what it is to be in the world and to connect with others. For the camera, it is a form of raw humanity that comes across easily and is a joy to capture.

As it turns out, play has perhaps gotten short shrift as a human activity. Lately, there has been a blossoming of articles discussing new studies that have brought to light the value of play in a plethora of unexpected ways. For a very thoughtful article about how the west has considered play historically and philosophically, check out the excellent article Reclaiming the Power of Play by Stephen T. Asma that was in the New York Times this week.

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